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Clash of Mind States

High upon my throne, I reign,
Master of my fate,
Euphoria electrifies each vein,
Limitless my state.

A superhuman surge of power,
Senses heightened, acute,
The world is my playground, my oyster,
Not a single obstacle on my route.

But what ascends must also plunge,
The darkness swiftly encroaches.

Mood declining the gulfs I lunge,
As the weight of Asperger’s approaches.

Its twisted face sneers below.

Taunting my descent.

Chipping away my overflow.

Leaving my energy rent.

I crash upon the rocks below,
Writhing from the pain.

Asperger’s criticizes every flaw,
Magnifying each stain.

We wrestle and war for control.

Parrying thrusts and blows,
As my neurons become the battleground,
Where these two forces oppose.

Ultimately both own a piece.

Of my mind’s precious land.

Their flags together fly at peace.

United they withstand.